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GIG: Next Generation w/ Divana Sandoval

July 15, 2023 Girls in Gis Season 4 Episode 19
Girls in Gis Podcast
GIG: Next Generation w/ Divana Sandoval
Show Notes

This week, Shama sits down with Divana Sandoval AKA “Divana The Beast”, a 12 years old and currently a yellow/black belt training out of GFTeam Orange, CA. 

Divana is extremely active and loves any sports she comes across but most she loves God! Divana takes sports seriously and is very competitive. She participates in Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing while in school she participates in practically every sport. Divana beat the entire school while a 6th grader in the most pushups (Jr & High School) during state testing! She also loves to hike, ride bikes, rollerblade, you name it! If she has an opportunity to go to the gym with her older sister, she’s all for it.

Divana’s been training Jiu-jitsu for about 5 years and competing for about the same time. Divana has multiple championships in the following: 4 x Gi & No Gi SJJIF Worlds, 2 x IBJJF Pan Kids, 2 x IBJJF Con Kids, 4 consecutive years JJWL Season Champion. She’s been training MMA for a few years and is a 2 x MMA United Fight League champ, 2 x IFS Kickboxing. She’s been training wrestling for about 2-3 years, but recently took it seriously and started competing more and earned championships in the following: 2 x State Freestyle champion 1 x State Folkstyle 1 x State Folkstyle runner up, 1 x 4th National Folkstyle champ.

Divana loves to be challenged and doesn’t mind being added to an older and/or heavier bracket she’s always up for a challenge win or lose. Divana is a humble little girl that loves to hang out with her parents especially her dad (she’s a daddy’s girl), but yet has big goals that include, to be one of the best UFC fighters. I can go on and on about Divana, but with this being said Divana is active, loves challenges and loves sports. She hopes to own her own gym and be able to teach and help the unprivileged.

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